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Mysterious and angsty Los Angeles babe Spacegoth, is our current art crush. Still feeling Halloween's vibes, we’ve picked out some of our favorite illustrations. Narrowing down our favorites was hard though. Spacegoth draws daily! She’s got so much art!. The best are the tongue-in-cheek illustrations and watercolor animals. No, wait. The best are her ghosts. We really, just can’t decide. For daily illustrations follow @Spacegoth. #Space15Twenty #UOaroundyou



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We recently stumbled upon a water-color artist on Instagram and now stalk her account daily! Her name is Jessica Weymouth (@jessweymouth_) and she lives in Long Beach, California. Her illustrations vary from plants, insects, shapes to moons. “Hand painted watercolor art pieces to promote healing, growth, love, and good vibes.” We dare you to check her stuff out and try not to fall in love. @jessweymouth_ @space15twenty #UOaroundyou



Images - Jessica Weymouth

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One of Instagram’s most popular tagged locations, "Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away" by  Yayoi Kusama is coming to LA!

Kusama is a Japanese born artist and writer. She is undeniably an influential figure in the New York art scene, and an important part of the avant-garde movement. Kusama works with a variety of media which showcase her love for colors, patterns and wild repetition. She is also known for her project in Australia, “The Obliteration Room”.  It was a huge white room at GOMA with white furniture, which people were invited to "obliterate" with rainbow-colored dot stickers.

We cannot wait for The Broad Museum’s inaugural exhibition on Sunday, September 20th. Make reservations online to see the “Infinity Mirrored Room” and share with us your photos! @space15twenty #UOonyou





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John Foster is a design object artist based in Minneapolis, MN. He works with various materials such as quartz, acrylics, glass, gold, and glitter. He’s a wizard at creating substrates which are cut into multidimensional tiles that are then polished, and welded together to create dreamy objects. Our favorite is his hand-crafted interstellar-sparkle table (recently commissioned by producer and DJ; ZEDD). John describes his art as experimental. “The objects I make bring the viewer into the moment, with visceral gasps and heart skipping opulence. The colors are rich, the sunlit moments are priceless.” he say's. John draws inspiration for his art from his love of music, and constantly seeking patterns. “Sounds are some of the most beautiful shapes you can't see, but feel.” he say’s. Currently, John is working on accessory design in addition to his objects. A preview is live on his site. Below are some of our faves.



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When we found out that local DJ and Model Keith Wilson opened his own boutique in DTLA, we could not be any more excited. Keith is the man behind Ledisko productions, a local night-life event company in LA. Since 2001, Ledisko has helped launch artist such as She Wants Revenge, Shiny Toy Guns, Skrillex, Banks and many more. Last fall he opened NO SEASON. It is not only a clothing boutique, but a lifestyle project. It’s expression of culture and lifestyle sets NO SEASON apart from other boutiques (in our opinion). At NO SEASON each item is selected personally by the likes of Keith and his sister Emily. There you can find designs from London, Australia and Los Angeles. Check out the store next time you’re downtown ( if you don’t live in the area) and to catch Keith’s next event visit




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Sarah Owen is the Youth Editor for WGSN an international trend forecasting company. She resides in NYC and travels the world hunting for upcoming trends. As a fashion forecaster she predicts the colors, fabrics and styles that will be presented on the runway and in stores for the upcoming seasons. While in Los Angeles, I sat down with her and jumped into her fascinating world.


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An Interview with Johanna Tagada

Tell me a little about what you do…

I am a painter and an interdisciplinary artist. Every day i work with mediums including painting, drawing, writing, photography, textile and publishing . I also run the online shop project Bonjour Supermarket (, for which i design and produce exclusive textile pieces. I recently had a solo show and positive participative piece in Tokyo and some of my artworks are part of a current group show at the Brunei Gallery in London. I also happen to sometime be working as a consultant and art director.

You have an incredible eye for beautiful things. What inspires your aesthetic?

Thank you very much for the compliment!
Mostly my journeys, i love traveling. I am fascinated and fond of learning about traditional objects, textiles and art, i believe these also inspire my  aesthetic. Simple, Quality, Elegant and Fun, i would say those are the four by which I go.

What are five things you cannot live without?

I wouldn't say live without but just five objects i like having with me:
-An old photobooth of my father and myself
-A Mala my fiancé Jatinder gave me when we met
-The book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura
-The parfum Scent One: Hinoki by Monocle and x Comme des Garcons
-A little straw purse given by my grand mother, she herself got it from a trusted friend before she passed away.

See more after the jump!


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Geneticboi in Honduras

To celebrate the first day of fall, we’re going to remember the good ol’ days of summertime.  New York based graphic designer, fashion photographer/videographer and artist Quan recently went on a trip to Roatán, Honduras and the images are just stunning. 

Sky blue waters and playful dolphins.  Sun kissed skin and bonfire nights.  Quan enchants us with his experience in Honduras.

To see more photos check out his blog post.
La Isla Bonita

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Something For The Eye | Tokyo Street Style

Tokyo street style is what got me into fashion. I remember the moment my little sister introduced it to me and I was just speechless and we would buy every Fruits Magazine. Since then I always turn to Tokyo when I don't know what to wear.

One of my favorite sites is Drop Tokyo I love their selection and their photography.
Here's a selection of some recent shots.

. . .


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Pedal Fest 2014

Shine up your fixie and join us for a summer session of Pedal Fest TOMORROW!

All of the details and rsvp HERE.

. . .

1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
LA, CA 90028

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