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Liselore Frowijn's No. 3 Formania Collection

Hailing from The Netherlands, young fashion designer Liselore Frowijn presented for the first time earlier this year her FW15 collection at Paris Fashion Week where she became part of the calendar.
No. 3 Formania collection presents bold patterns and colors, playful proportions and transparencies, and unconventional cuts.


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Hyein Seo | Tonight Or Never

I've talked about Hyein Seo a couple times before and even interviewed her for you guys. So I don't believe she needs an introduction. Her F/W 2015 collection just about dropped in stores and let me tell you it's absolutely beautiful. I urge you to get your hands on some of the pieces before it's all sold out again. Anyways enough talking time for pictures.

Photography by Jino Lee


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Editorial | His, Her Circumstances

Editorial shot by Etienne Saint Denis for Sang Bleu

Stylist: Marcus Cuffie
Models: Dick Wagner, Dorata Kullova
Hair: Sean Bennet


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Objects Without Meaning | FW15

Established in 2011 by Alexandra Michelle, Los Angeles based fashion label Objects Without Meaning focuses on offering clothing that emphasizes the wearer rather than the object.
Each collection is centered on the simplicity of its materials and the forms they take. The designer strives to create an honest, easy-to-wear line that carries no luggage...

The Fall/Winter 2015 collection has been recently shot by photographer and contributor of Oyster Magazine, Eddie Chacon. An ensemble of soft and subtle hues of olive, grey, brown and navy and small intimate details.


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It feels like just yesterday that summer began, and suddenly some of us are hitting the books again, or sharing memories of our trips with co-workers. Around this time, we like to rearrange our furniture, clean out our wardrobe, and set new goals. Some of the things currently on our mind...

  1. meditate daily

  2. drink more water

  3. stop killing our plants

  4. take more photos

  5. cow-hide rug

  6. more sweaters!

  7. new boots!

Below are some of our favorite UO things that are helping us throughout this, oh-so-hard transition. What kind of things are you doing to transition into Fall? Share your story with us! #UOhome #UOcampus #UOaroundyou




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Wisdom Apparel | Sons of The City

‘Hazy Skies and murky streets. A grey forest of dense ashy structures, dusty areas where things endlessly pass. History itself likewise slowly turns to ashes. Iron facades mounted on dark green grounds. Japanese style wood and brick walls, following the collapsing dark blue rust, and in the middle of all this, a burst of pure white light.’

Wisdom Apparel - Autumn/Winter 2015, Sons of The City

Photographer : Sih Wei Chen

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Last Weekend was the 11th annual F*ck Yeah Fest in Los Angeles. In the middle of a heatwave, nearly 40,000 people gathered at L.A Memorial Sports Arena and Exposition Park to see Morrissey, Kanye, Purity Ring, Cold Cave and many more. We had such an awesome time catching our favorite babe Solange while sitting under a tree, chomping on fried snacks. We lost our minds at FKA Twigs, and met so many babes with rad style. What were some your favorite FYF moments or looks? Share them with us at @space15twenty #UOonyou #UOaroundyou




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Stefanie Biggel | Homesome Rebellion

I've already introduced Stefanie Biggel in a previous post about a year ago.
For the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection Biggel drew her inspiration from the 90ies classic film KIDS from Larry Clark. Her collection reflects the lives of the teens, reflected on the choice of colours, prints and oversized silhouettes. A combination of feminine and masculine sensibilities, eccentric, nostalgic, irreverent and young.

Photographer : Amanda Camenisch



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Maria Van Nguyen | Contentment

Maria Van Nguyen is a Norwegian designer residing in New York. She describes herself as a designer that appreciates the basics and essentials, and aims to create comfortable, wearable and easy clothing for everyday life.
This is her thesis collection shot by Christina Paik.

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Verner | AW15

Home Wrecker, Verner’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection; a luxurious collection made with silk and velvet that is sets a sensual experience to the wearer and fulfills any winter wardrobe desire. The photos were shot by Mitchell McLennan for Oyster.


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